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EUROMAR2008: St. Petersburg, Russia
An Internet documentaion on proceeding for the participation in the International Conference: "Magnetic Resonance for Furture" series EUROMAR

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Early Research Studies on:"Explaining the trends of Nuclear Shielding caused by Magnetic moments related to Susceptibilties" have been detailed at the webpages at the URL: http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/ 

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Copy of final draft of submitted manuscript of Paper published in Indian Journal of Physics, Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005) (for reference [1] in Abstract0

Abstract EUROMAR 2008 at St. Petersbug, Russia
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 The three Reference articles  cited in the Abstract above are made available as downloadable at the links below: 

Reference-[1]; Copy of final draft submitted to Editor  ; Magnetized Materials: Contributions Inside Lorentz Ellipsoids, S.Aravamudhan, Indian Journal of Physics, Vol 79 (9), 2005, 985-989
Reference-[2] Poster at 4th Alpine Conference SSNMR,Chamonix Mont-Blanc, 2004
Reference-[3]> Local-field Effects and effective Medium Theory, D.E. Aspnes, American Journal of physics, 50(8), 1982, 704 to 708

Reference-[4]> Local-field Effects in Solids; Microscopic aspects, S.E.Schnatterly and C.Tario, Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol.64,1992, 619-622

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ENCOUNTER with INTER Molecular and BULK Susceptibility Effects in HRPMR studies SOLIDS; Proton Shielding Tensor Measurements
What are the Contributions to Induced Fields at the site of the nucleus from the different parts of the specimen that makes up the Experimentally Measured Shielding Tensor?

To describe “The “PARADOXICAL” Situation”

Inferences from SSNMR-HR PMR for Induced field distribution –I


Inferences from SSNMR-HR PMR for Induced field distribution –II

Inferences from SSNMR-HR PMR for Induced field distribution –III

Inferences from SSNMR-HR PMR for Induced field distribution –IV

Inferences from SSNMR-HR PMR for Induced field distribution –V


Clarifications from HR PMR Solids:-I


Clarifications from HR PMR Solids:-II


Clarifications from HR PMR Solids:-III

The Consequences and the IMPACT of STUDIES in HR PMR in Solids

Principles of “Summation Procedure” ; Calculating Demagnetization Factors.

Principles of “Summation Procedure” ; Calculating Demagnetization Factors.

Principles of “Summation Procedure” ; Calculating Demagnetization Factors.



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