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EUROMAR2006:Click to view 4th Alpine SSNMR contents

Early Research Studies on:"Explaining the trends of Nuclear Shielding caused by Magnetic moments related to Susceptibilties" have been detailed at the webpages at the URL: http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/ 

These materials are in continuation with those of the Web Page: https://nehuacin.tripod.com/pre_euromar_compilation/id6.html
THE EUROMAR2006 ONSET  :: 16-21, July 2006 at YORK, U.K.

Close on the heels while preparing for the participation in EUROMAR2006, the MRSFall 2006 meeting came on the scene announced by Dr.Julie Herberg with an  invitation  to submit an Abstract for the meeting. Abstract submission at website could be finalised on June 20, 2006.   Jump to MRSfall 2006

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The ( FINALIZED and ) accepted Abstract is displayed in the other column of this Table

Image scanning at B.I.C., N.E.H.U.
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Invitation from Conference Secretariat: EUROMAR2006

EMail confirmation for accommodation booking for stay at YORK, UK during EUROMAR2006 participation

Journey from Shillong started on 10th July 2006; On 12 July 2006, attended the first day of the two day event at IIT/MadrasArrived in Guwahati on 14th July 2006 to proceed to Delhi as per itinerary below:

EUROMAR2006 ItineraryHERE
The Journey from Delhi was by AI 131 instead of AI 121

The AI131 flight arrived late in LHR Air India provided for Overnight stay in London Radisson Hotel and booked on BMI flight next day;could reach YORK by 1:00PM Local time on 16-07-2006

Inserted on 28-07-2006 at NEHU Campus, Deptt. of Chemistry

Informations for Participants from Organizers

Map from Organizers EUROMAR2006

Early version  appears in the printed EUROMAR2006 Abstract Book:
find here below the text of the later-finalized version of the abstract



Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, PO NEHU Campus, Mawkynroh Umshing, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong, 793022, Meghalaya, INDIA

Magnetization within a material is inhomogeneous for specimen of shapes other than the regular ellipsoids. Whilediscussing the demagnetization effects in a (homogeneously) magnetized sample,it becomes necessary to describe the hypothetical Lorentz sphere (Inner Volume Element: I.V.E.) around a specific site. This has brought in a compulsion that for HR PMR in solids a spherical outer shape for the specimen must be ensured for the possibility that the induced field at a specific site due to bulk susceptibility is zero 1.The material within the IVE is effectively absent (a cavity) if the contributions of the molecules within this IVE is calculated independently and taken into account finally. Similarly, if the outer macro shape and the inner [IVE] shape are both ellipsoids and with same ellipticity, then the induced field within the inner element can be zero as much as for the spherically shaped sample specimen. Moreover, it has been found that the contribution from the neighboring molecules within the ellipsoidal IVE can be the same as the spherical IVE2. For shapes other than ellipsoids, since the magnetization would be inhomogeneous within the sample, calculating contributions at one representative point within the sample would not be enough. Thus, it would be necessary to calculate the induced fields at every one of the points of interest independent of the other points. Even for shapes other than ellipsoidal, if the shape is describable as regular, then an IVE can be carved out with the same shape, and, proportionate shape factors. However, defining a demagnetization factor in such cases, even when it becomes possible, is associated with limitations. Because a simple summation procedure for calculating demagnetization factors is now known3 it seems it would be possible to consider the case of such inhomogeneously magnetized specimen with much better ease and to use the results with better confidence4. If the requirement of single crystal spheres could become less stringent in HR PMR studies in solids then the technique can be applied with much less constraints.

1. https://nehuacin.tripod.com/pre_euromar_compilation/
2. http://www.geocities.com/saravamudhan1944/eenc_ampere_lille.html
3. http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/
4. https://nehuacin.tripod.com/id3.html 

The Programme for EUROMAR2006 is linked here (changes have been incorporated by this author as per the experiences on site at the conference venue)

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INDEX to Display SHEETS:- 

SHEET-01 is this SHEET of INDEX to contents 

SHEET-02 to SHEET-04: Consist of a description of the perspectives in this presentation and a summary of the results.

SHEET-05: Enumeration of the outcome of the study indicating the clarifications obtained on the queries. 

SHEET-06 to SHEET-08: Describing the Principle of the method of calculating induced fields. Illustrating a Close packing of Spheres along the line with the  relevant criteria and the equations  used. 

SHEET-09: An explanation of the required values of the constants used in the equations with the details of how the single value for the induced field at a site is obtained by summing the contributions from the entire sample.

SHEET-10: The specific shapes of sample specimen and the cavity (I.V.E.) applied in this study indicating the combinations of shapes for specimen and the IVE considered with drawings to scale. 

SHEET-11 and SHEET-13: The distance “Rsmall” from the site to the surface of the IVE and the “Rbig” from the site to the specimen boundary surface are plotted for various combinations of IVE shapes and Specimen shapes for which Induced field at the center is calculated. Such distance plots vividly reveal the IVE shape and Outer surface shape under consideration   

SHEET-14: Similar information on the shapes of specimen and cavity from the plots of angular dependence of number of closely packed spheres.

SHEET-15: Similar information from plots of angular dependence of induced field contributions. Obtaining complementary patterns in graphical plots with inferences on the trends of induced fields values at the site

SHEET-16 and SHEET-17: Description of the Algorithm and the corresponding flow-charts for a program to calculate the induced fields.

SHEET-18 and SHEET-19: Inhomogeneity due to the shape. Trying to ascertain the trends of induced field values and trying to find points of zero induced fields similar to the cavity shape dependent trends.

SHEET-20: Conclusions

All the 20 Sheets of Poster below have been compiled into a single '.pdf' file; CLICK HERE and Download the pdf file


The PRESENTATION of the poster above was held on 20th July 2006 at the Central Hall of the UNIVERSITY of YORK between 16:30 Hrs and 18:00 Hrs. In the Abstract Book the Abstract ( text is the early-submitted version and) is printed on page 143 with assigned number SS8 under the category "Solid State Physics"    See image of MRSFall2006 below in table on right most column

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Returned to NEHU Campus on 23rd July 2006 - 16:30 PM  after Attending EUROMAR2006
Certificate of Participation- EUROMAR2006
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CLICK on this image to download Abstract submitted for 'CONDENSED MATTER DAYS 2006': Aravamudhan did not attend the CMDays2006

A powerpoint file prepared
sketchily for CMDays2006;
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the Symposium

Letter of Invitation to MRSFall2006
forwarded by Paula Mahar

Sorry for not attending MRSFall2006
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Presentation File (total 11 slides)in 3 parts:-
Sldes 1-5   Sldes 6-8   Sldes 9-11
insert & upload on Sunday, November 25, 2006. 5:06PM
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STATUS Accepted
1. Click on image above for a page and click on link to Technical Programme
2. Locate Symposium MM: Mag.Res.in.Matel.Sci. & Click
3. In Session MM17; presentation MM17.2 at 11.00 AM on Dec.1, 2006:
4. Find the title of this text of   Abstract
Refreshing Slideshow before the MRSFall2006: CLICK HERE  to "download and save-to-disk" a MS powerpoint file of about 470KB size consisting of 13 slides and the duration of show would be 18m:35s.
The contents of this slide show would be for the recapitulation of the relevant solid state physics aspects and a summary of the results of this author which have been presented in several other contexts. This would be an introductory material for refreshing on the topic of the ABSTRACT MRSFall2006.
A preliminary viewing before attending the actual MRSFall2006 presentation of the material elaborating on the Lineshape aspects in NMR
Slide show uploaded on Sunday, October 01, 2006 8:32:51 PM

Draft Manuscript of Proccedings Paper Submitted Word file HERE for MRSFall2006 presentation  Submitted and inserted on 05 Nov. 2006 at 8:46PM COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM : HERE

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MRSFall2006 Submission page converted .pdf file for prrofreading

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